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United States
Favourite cartoon character: Disneys Aladdin : Yu Yu Hakusho's Hiei
Personal Quote: "Blega" which is blah, bored, oops, & a few other words in one.
  • Listening to: My Dad's powertools and my typing.
  • Eating: Nothin... Im hungry!
My sister, the "porn shop" one had her baby on Oct 3, at about 3am-ish. She had a girl and named her Mandy May. I dont like that name at all. Not one bit. I told 2 of my friends her name and they were like "Oh! Lets call her "M&M".

The main reason I dont like the name is that its completely un-original. At least give the poor child a semi-original name. My niece is gunna know at least 12 other Mandy's before shes 8! Ugh!

Im 22 and I only met about 6 other girls with my name! One of them I actually met less than a month ago at work. I was working the YA desk at the library and a whole bunch of girls from lacross came in. I wasnt really paying attention till I heard someone telling me to... "Go after him! He knows you like him! He dumped Annalee over a month ago!"

I knew she wasnt talking to me after I heard "Annalee" (who is Annalee?!).
The girl continued talking but I was too focused on trying to see who she was talking to. When *insert my name here* answered back I waited till she finished then walked up to her.

"Your name is *insert my name here*?! My name is *insert my name here* too!" I shook her hand and asked her how many other *insert my name here* shes met and shes like.

"None. Youre the first."
I told her about the other 5 Ive met, including the one who was working the Micky D's drive through window. It was when I was like 16/17 or so. I all leaned out the window all excited.

"Your name is *insert my name here*?! Wow! My name is *insert my name here* too! Awsome."

And all the while Mom is yelling at me to get my head in the car or she'd close the window on it.

Oh... I digressed... Alot.

Anyway, I get alot of compliments on my name and I wanted that for my niece too you know. When Im having a lousy day and someone tells me how pretty my name is, I get a bit happy.

I dont consider myself pretty, though my self-esteem has gotton a bit better, so Im happy that at least my name is pretty.

Anyway, my niece actually is really cute! Youre all like "you gotta say that. Shes your niece. True. Butshe actaully is cute. Shes not all blotchy and wrinkled and puckered like most newborns. She perfect... Except for her blasted name.

Anyway, I said babies, didnt I. Well tomorrow Im going to Florida to visit with my bestfriend for a week. Her son will be 2 in January but Mish will be 21 tomorrow. Im so exited! I havent seen her since Febuary!

Ive never been drunk but since its Mish's 21st b-day she demands that I get dunk with her. Im at all sure I want too but... It is her birthday and hey! Maybe if I do that I wont have to buy her a b-day preasnt!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Some bestfriend I am. LOL. Ya'll know I was jokin, right? Right...?

PS:I go by Loki online but ya'll do know that name isnt really Loki, right? Ok, just making sure.


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